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officers finally won the waiting game. >> we're exhausted, folks, but we have a victory here tonight. but let's not foreget those people along the way. >> reporter: one officer killed, another critically injured in what amounted to your honor ban warfare, victims president obama remembered as he thanked the officers who were part of the investigation. >> we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had, and we'll continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. >> reporter: officers and a community finally able to relax. >> it's a night where i think we're all going to rest easy. >> reporter: for thousands in the street tonight, that rest will just have to wait. in boston, nbc bay area news. a million people terrorized by a single man considered to be extremely dangerous and on an
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unknown mission. just momentsing a, this picture released. the atf tells us, it shows authorities searching the 19 year old after his capture and after nearly 24 hours of being on the run. >> we're all taking cover behind the news vehicles. even the police are taking cover behind their cars. >> it was 10:30 on the east coast when an overrule was ambushed and killed. around 1:00 eastern standard time, police caught up with the car in water town and were attacked with explosionives. after a shootout, 26 year old tamerlan was pronounced dead at the hospital. federal law enforcement descended on watertown and began a massive man hunt. several explosive devices were detonated. they revealed that the suspects
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were brothers. 19 year old dzhokar was the one on the loose. the uncle of the two suspects urged his nephew to turn himself in, during an interview recorded around 11:30 am. it was 6:00 when the governor lifted the ban. shots erupted again. federal investigators are told that a person covered in brood is in a woman's back yard. at 8:45 after another round of gunfire officials announced they have the suspect in custody. dozens of people erupt in cheers and clap. we talk about the s.w.a.t. team and the other agencies work
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together. this was a massive interagency composition of officers is really down-playing it. >> it's really an understatement. and they do it with practice and precision. and we saw how that practice can play out in boston. and other cities like the bay area are taking notice. some 9,000 people from every law enforcement agency near and far descended on boston to catch two men who created chaos in that city. how did they work together. >> i hope they have protocol ahead of time. because when you get in the moment you can't make those decisions then. you have to know ahead of time who's in charge. >> he is a professor at santa clara university. he says if there's a perfect place for a horrible situation like this to happen, it's boston. >> they often run different simulations where different agencies work together.
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they had a 24 hour simulation in which they had agencies working together. >> reporter: usually the first agency on the scene will take command. other agencies will often follow unless the fbi is involved. >> one thing they rely on is experience. the other thing they rely on is situational experience. >> reporter: boston just happens to be on the top of the homeland security list when it comes to being a terrorist target. but isaac says every law enforcement agency should be ready to work together no matter what the situation and where they end up. >> the first thing they want is for people to be safe. >> reporter: bay area law enforcement spends kouchbtless hours conducting drills on how to protect their cities during natural disasters and during a possible terrorist attack.
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and we have dramatic video, new video in "tonight show"ing the flash bang explosives lighting up the back yard where the suspect was apparently hiding. eventually officers come out from behind their cover and confirm the man in hiding is indeed their man. watertown neighbors applaud, cheer the officers as they leave and celebrate that the search is finally over. as you heard, the red sox and bruins both postponed games. tonight, though, giants fans had to deal with their own security. and it caused a lot of them to miss the start of the game. nbc is live outside the park. they had the warning though. they said come early. >> reporter: well, that's right. they said they stepped-up security because of what happened in boston this week. but it didn't go exactly as the team had planned or had hoped.
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>> do you guys have any cell phones? any keys in your pockets? >> reporter: as the first group of fans entered at&t park each person was scanned with a metal tee tenting wand. a measure usually not in place. >> we've done this for high profile events. and it's the responsible and prudent thing to be doing now given what's happened in our country this week and what happened in boston. >> i don't mind. something new, but we got to do it. >> reporter: but by first pitch, at 7:05 the ballpark wasn't even half full. and thousands of fans were still outside waiting to get in. at one point the line stretched half a mile. >> i think it's a good eye because of what's going on in our country. they did send out a warning,
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arrive early for all sporting events, and 45 minutes is not early enough. >> reporter: security officers finally just stopped using the wands all together so fan cos get in and enjoy the game. >> they should plan for these things. they should have staff, you pay a lot of money to get into these games, and you'd think they'd be professional enough to get us into the game. >> reporter: fans should expect a larger security presence than usually. and they're being reminded to text to security program. they're to text to a security officer anonymously about unruly fans or anything suspicious. >> we were talking about how one person got stabbed. one person got shot. i think it's good. >> reporter: as for what happened with that, i'm sill
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waiting for the giants' spokes person. we have to assume that the decision was made to stop using those wands because it was taking too long for people to get into the ballpark. the doors open two hours before. the best advice is to get here early. monty francis, nbc bay area news. in san jose, hundreds gathered to honor a teen. >> the e-mails, the texts, the letters, the phone calls, truly amazing. between all of us, we've read them all. . it has supported us like you cannot imagine. still ahead, au dri's story, and the one wish her friends say could have changed her life. and the missing in the explosion in texas.
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and how leaders there say you are kept in the recovery. and the boy scouts ready to lift their ban on gay scouts. why critics want more. we go to cell phone video from boston. crowds upon tapously sing the star-spangled banner as news spreads, suspect number two is in custody.
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our kovl of the boston bombings continues in a moment, first a vigil for audrie potts. she committed suicide after she
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was sexually assaulted and photos were sent out online. >> reporter: on facebook about 250 people committed to coming to tonight's vigil. and by the looks of the crowd tonight it appears earn kept their commitment. many of them wore teal, audrie's favorite color. family and friends of audrie potts gathered tonight still trying to come to terms with her suicide and the events leading up to it. >> she's gone because they thought it was funny. >> reporter: she took her own life after she was sexually assaulted and photos of the attacks were spread through text messages and e-mails. >> she was an example of the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. no one ever wanted to be treated the way she was.
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>> reporter: friends say odd ry didn't tell people how much the bullying bothered her. >> i guess that's what hurts more is that i could have helped and i didn't get a chance to. >> my dear audrie. >> reporter: a letter was read that she wrote right after her death. >> i'm so sorry i failed. >> reporter: audrie's father and aunt also spoke at the vinl ill and promised to push for justice in this case. >> she always did the right thing. she thought of herself as a peacemaker in her group. and she always tried to keep peace. and so now we've decided that we will keep the peace for her. >> there's so much that i know audrie would have liked to have
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experienced that you're all hopefully going to get to experience some day, with jobs and college and marriage and children and all kinds of adventures out there in the world. and just live your lives better for having known audrie and loved audrey the way that we do, her family. thank you for coming tonight. >> reporter: the potts family has file add wrongful death lawsuit against the three teenagers who were arrested in connection with the sexual assault. live in saratoga, nbc. the family of a 16 year old accused of killing an off-duty paramedic now maintains his incense. he maintains he was in school at the time. >> i didn't do no murder. i don't know how you do the murder the day you're at school.
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>> reporter: 16 year old faces murder charges. he's being charged as an adult. boyer was shot during a carjacking attempt after dropping off his father. burton is being tried as an adult. burton's mother also in court today claims her son has been set up by five younger teens who are facing lesser charges in connection with that homicide. alameda sheriff's deputy hit two pedestrians with his patrol car. he was driving when he hit a man and a woman crossing the street. investigators have not said whether the pedestrians were in a crosswalk. mission boulevard was closed for several hours while crews gathered evidence. after the deputy hit the couple, he swerved and crash nod a parked car.
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the woman who survived was intoxicated and had narcotics on her. she'll face drug charges once show's released from the hospital tonight a boy scout who brought national attention to gays -- boy scouts of america is considering dropping the ban on gay scouts. boy scout ryan anderson brought attention to that ban last year when he was denied his eagle scout rank because he admitted to being openly gay. ryan's father says he's encouraged by the news, but the fight is not over. >> this is an awesome opportunity for more of the youth to get involved in scouting. i think the next step's going to have to be that adult leaders whether they're gay or not, should not be turned away. >> under this proposal ryan would be able to get his eagle rank finally. since he's now 18 he would be
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banned from participating as a mentor. scout leaders must still approve that proposal, and that will happen in may. let's see if we're going to have a repeat of what happened today. let's check in with our meteorologist. >> we will continue to see the temperatures that we saw today. it's kind of mild out there lrnd concord. only 64 degrees, mild inland but cool by a sea breeze. a degrees there. 50 in san jose. in the inner bay over towards oakland and hayward, the inner bay and coast you're going to have to wait another kay before the temperatures start to climb on up. so for your coastal beach forecast, tim tushs in the mid-60s, winds coming in off the ocean. so you're not going to see the warmup until sunday, monday, and tuesday. as we head over to santa cruz
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you should see upper 70s tomorrow. by sunday, we'll see low to mid-80s coming back. as we watch the winds holding up for one more day. inland spots 70s to low 80s. as the winds turn offshore temperatures should jump at least another 5 degrees. that's when those temperatures will get closer to 90 inland. mostly clear for the afternoon. but, again, it willable sunday will be the warmer of the two weekend days as those offshore winds start to increase. 40s possibly around santa rosa. you'll see highs close to 80 in san jose. low 80s around pleasanton. you notice the warming is really not here quite yet. you're going to have to wait for those winds to turn offshore. 66 for your saturday in san
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francisco, 78 in santa rosa. and as we go through the weekend, sunday, the warmest day of the next seven, it's coming in on monday. i think south of so san jose could get close to 90 degrees, but look at the bottom of the screen, place like pacifica. a summer preview coming our way. midway through the weekend and through the first half of next week. >> 70s, 80, 90s, all in one week.
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two days after that massive fertilizer plant explosion rescue crews say there's little hope of finding anybody alive. at least 14 people confirmed dead. it destroyed more than 50 homes in this teeny community of 2800
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people. texas governor rick perry says the search and rescue phase is now complete. as relief pours in, they say money, is what they need most right now. >> clothes, food, and we're running out of places to put it. >> the investigation into what caused the fire and explosion is still ongoing. and we'll be right back. ♪
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the sports desk. the giants had lost three in a row. the giants hosting the padres. we go straight to the ninth. torres on first. he steals second. that's big. now he's in scoring position. angel with a runner in scoring position, delivers that one into
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the right field corner. that is a walk off winner. the giants end their three game losing streak in dramatic fashion. giants win 3-2. >> you know, it's early in the season. you're going to have guys that might not have their numbers hike they are at the end of the year. you know that, but it's good to see those guys, you know, get some hits and it's a matter of time. >> all right. we've got the a's visiting the rays in tampa bay. oakland undefeated on the road this year. let's see if they can do it here. top of the first. moss, smith comes in to score. a's up 2-0 early. longoria, bottom of the fourth. his fourth homer in his last five games, a's lose 8-3.
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in basketball it's been six years since the warriors got to prepare tor a playoff game. game one of the series, the nuggets are the best home team in the league, but the warriors got something. they're hungry. >> been a whole lot of time, effort, and energy put into this opportunity. as a coach, as a player. and we've come up with a solution of how i would were going to be suck sisfcesssucces. and we're sticking to it. we'reefensive team and don't take this game too serious, and have a lot of fun. >> yeah. warriors, nugget, game one of the playoff series. pregame live starts at it 2:00 with the game right after that, jessica and gentleman nel, oakland's going to be rocking tomorrow and the entire bay
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area. >> good luck to them. we're so excited.
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and as we end what has been a traumatic and difficult week, one final update on those boston bombings, the send and last suspect has been captured in watertown. he is alive and being treated for serious wounds at the very hospital where his brother died this morning. that is a picture that was released of police searching him after he was recovered in a boat. and finally five days from terror to jubilation, crowds in watertown and boston erupting in cheers after hearing that the man was in custody at last.
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boston has been battered. but you now boston has not been broken. >> a lot of relief tonight. today's weather's going to look a lot like saturday's weather. 60s and 70s in the inner bay. i think you're going to notice heating up. a 5 degree jump on sunday and 5 degree jump on monday. summer coming our way next week. >> thank you so much. go out, enjoy your weekend. forget about all this madness. just try to relax. >> yeah. get some rest. night, folks.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno,"
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featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kim kardashian, from "the today show" willie geist, the music of imagine dragons, and april fools pranks. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much.
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welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you here. thank you. very kind. listen to this, folks -- [ cheers and applause ] oh, my gosh. listen to this. have you heard about this? north korea is now threatening the united states with all-out war. what the hell did dennis rodman say to these people? [ laughter ] what did he do? no, north korea is claiming they now have the military technology to launch intercontinental missiles. and they're threatening the united states with total annihilation. which brings us to another edition of "why i'm not scared anymore." [ light laughter ] now -- okay, now, here is our military command center. there it is right there. pretty sophisticated. can we show north korea's military command center? okay, there you go. [ laughter ] that's why i'm not scared anymore. [ cheers ] exactly. well -- [ applause ] the big legal issue before the
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supreme court now is this gay marriage thing. oh, it's getting complicated. it got even more confusing today when donald trump showed up, demanded to know if it was legal for him to marry himself. that was the next -- [ light laughter ] did you see who was in the courtroom? director rob reiner. he's been there every day. he's there because he plans to make a film about prop 8. that's the bill that bans same-sex marriage in california. he's going to make a movie about it called "when harry met larry." well, ashley judd announced she will not be running for senate in kentucky against mitch mcconnell. and mitch mcconnell announced he will not be co-starring in any romantic comedies with matthew mcconaughey. so there you go. so it all worked out. [ laughter and applause ] hey, listen to this. the very last human toll taker on the golden gate bridge has been given her pink slip. [ audience aws ] replaced with an automated system. last toll taker is gone. well, that is the best place to be when you're depressed about losing your job, huh? [ laughter ]

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